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With this tool you can (hopefully) shrink any JavaScript source code by removing all comments and unnecessary white spaces. If you strip the code without the "Delete Spaces" option, only the comments are removed. "Delete Empty Rows" explains itself, and "Join Rows" finally leads so one big single code row.

You can also search/replace any strings in the output. This is useful if you want to replace long variable names by shortcuts or constants by their values. But please use this routine very carefully as itīs quite tricky and requires some manual tuning sometimes (especially when it comes to replacements of constant which are declared with "var"). Every S/R pair must stand in a single row, separated by a tabulator.

Every result code must be tested again whether it still works properly. In fact I believe that this tool works quite stable but you must not trust in the result automatically. There could still be bugs or not supported syntax elements. Please tell me if you find something.

Feel free to download the source code to have a look at it resp. use it. Actually itīs quite simple and maybe even not very smart ;-)

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